Where’s my bump?

Whilst researching about plus size pregnancy mummas’ (a topic I am very passionate about) I just read an interesting blog post that was called “where’s my bump?” and it got me thinking….

I can completely appreciate this concept, and on reflection I felt the same way. I always see beautiful pregnancy photo shoots with gorgeous ‘D’ shaped bellies, and thought mine looks more like a ‘B’ with my saggy tummy – I never did pregnancy photos which I kind of regret now, I always felt like my belly looked more fat than pregnant! In my second pregnancy, I didn’t even think about photos, way too busy with a toddler and once I realised I was in the hospital, in a horrible gown about to go in for my c-section, so my husband took the most glorious of pictures … NOT! I thought I’d show you for your amusement, I am 39 weeks pregnant, if that’s an excuse, no filter could help this image look amazing…

I wondered throughout my whole first pregnancy when will my belly look pregnant? I could fit all my old clothes, albeit they were just a bit tighter (ok, a lot) until I was about 7 months pregnant, heck I didn’t even tell my work until I was 6 months pregnant so no one obviously noticed, or just didn’t say anything.  But you know what? In my second pregnancy it was totally different, I showed a lot earlier – because my muscles were obviously severely stretched from the first, and I actually felt pregnant from about 5 months. I completely embraced it and felt so much better about myself.

So my advice to you ladies is to embrace yourself as you are, because you know you’re god damn pregnant and that’s all that matters, take those gorgeous pregnancy photos and don’t wait until you’re in the hospital having your baby to do it!

Leave me a comment – I’d love to know how you felt during pregnancy, and if you did a pregnancy photoshoot? Anything has to be better than mine!

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Sarah x

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