Firstly I’d like to thank my AMAZING customers, there are so many of you who follow us, contribute to my FB VIP Group, comment and like our posts, refer their friends/family to us, and it means the world to me, without you Sama + Kiki wouldn’t be and for that I am super grateful.

We have had an amazing year, we had a pop up shop, that turned into a semi-permanent shop in Casabella Lane, hired our first employee, Haeley (who we love) and really focussed on growing Sama + Kiki, I can really see it coming to life and it is so exciting for me.

My vision when I started has always been that everybody has the right to look and feel amazing. This is so important to me, regardless of size. I hope I help you to do this by creating and bringing in  gorgeous clothing.

Most importantly the announcement ….


2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year already for us. For those of you that have come to visit us in Casabella Lane, you’ll know we have an itty bitty shop, and we’ve well and truly outgrown our little space here. So we’re moving … into a warehouse with a showroom!

Having a warehouse will enable me to buy more brands (yay!) and hold more stock, as well as growing my own label, which is my passion. You will still be able to come and visit us and try the clothes on, just like the shop, but there will be a slight change to hours, and some days will be by appointment only. I’m literally only a message away and I’ll try and accommodate you the best I can. You can even park out the front, which I know was difficult for some of you who never venture into town.

Our new location will be in Te Rapa, Hamilton and I’ll do a little tour when we take over.

We’ll still have the Casabella Lane Shop until the 8th February, which will be our last day and we will be open for business at the Warehouse on Wednesday, 13th February (fingers crossed) all going smoothly!

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