Wardrobe cleansing

Wardrobe cleansing (aka Spring Clean)
Well it’s supposed to be spring (however it’s a bit miserable today), which means I should be doing a spring clean of my wardrobe.
Once I had Miss Mali, I decided I probably won’t need a lot of things in my wardrobe, as I transitioned to a ‘mummy uniform’, so out it went. I have to say it was such a big clean out that my husband ended up with more wardrobe space than me!
When designing Sama + Kiki pieces, I wanted to ensure that they can be worn while pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond, so your ‘mummy uniform’ will be very versatile!
I have always been a fan of dress for success and what they stand for, and nice clothes definitely make you feel good about yourself  x
Wardrobe cleansing is quite therapeutic, however there are still a few items I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of that I’ll probably never wear again, I might get brave this time around – who knows?!? And the best thing about a wardrobe cleanse ….you have an excuse to get some new outfits!
What do you do with your clothes you no longer need?

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