REVIEW – Sonsee Shapewear Short

So I’ve decided to resurrect the ol’ blog so first up is a review of the Sonsee Shapewear Shorts! If you know me in ‘real life’ or have come into the shop, I’m not one to tell you something looks good if it doesn’t, I’ll be honest. I thought I’d put that disclaimer in, so you know I’ll tell you the truth with my reviews, even though I sell it, I’ll let you know my true thoughts! Sama + Kiki has and will always be about gorgeous Plus Size Fashion for everyone, some things suit us, others don’t, and I’m ok with admitting that.

So shape wear is something a lot of us probably have, and have spent a small fortune on, don’t want anyone to know we actually wear it, and to be honest they’re not all created equal.

We’ve all been to a wedding/special event where we want to eat & drinks (lots!) & had to do special manoeuvres to get the bloody things on, have a muffin top and can’t breathe! Or is that just me?!?!

Well let me tell you, these shapewear  shorts are NOT like that … these are AMAZING! They’re firm, not tight so they smooth you rather than squeeze you to death. The top goes just under your bra, and the shorts end mid-thigh, with a high, wide band that doesn’t cut in. My only critique would be that the shorts are great to help with chafing, but depending on how short your skirt/dress if you may have to hike them up a bit.

I literally could wear these daily, they are super comfortable, don’t roll down, and you can actually move in them. I like the fact they’re smoothing as who am I kidding no amount of material is going to shrink my tum haha but I feel great in these!

The seamless construction means they won’t show under your clothes while firmer shaping panels around the tummy, thighs and booty enhance your shape. To be honest, they’re not the most attractive looking shorts on the hanger, but they are bloody good!


Anti chafing

Prevent rubbing and discomfort.

360˚ Seamless Stretch

Knitted in one single tube, our shorts are lightweight, seamless, durable and stretch in every direction.


The high waist smooths and shapes your waistline to make the most of your curves.

Anti-roll waistband

Wide, anti-roll bands stay in place and don’t creep or dig in.

I bought Sonsee in as I love their products, which are made in Italy, designed in Australia. They’re by no way the cheapest on the market, but they’re really good at what they do for CURVY women, and their products are well constructed, great quality & will last! Nothing worse than forking out a small fortune & they’re crap after a few wears.

If you want to check them out, and try yourself a pair link is below.

Price $79, Available nude & black, Sizes 14/16. 18/20, 22/24 and are true to size.

Available in store & online

RATING – 4.5/5 only because the shorts need to be hitched up if you like a short skirt 😉 if you don’t 5/5



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