I have never been a writer, but …

I have never been a writer, English was definitely never my strong point at school, however when I started Sama + Kiki, I was compelled to have a blog – heck that’s what you do right?!? Have a website, write a blog! My husband wasn’t too fussed with the idea, saying I’d run out of things to write about, and wasn’t that keen on me sharing stuff about him mainly …. pretty sure I can come up with better things to write about quite frankly!

So I’m hoping that from me writing a blog I can

  1. Learn to enjoy writing as a creative outlet, and sharing my thoughts with you all, learning about myself along the way.
  2. Provide a bit of entertainment, mainly at my expense I’m sure, but I can laugh at myself (except when it comes to discussing scooters in Raro, but that is a blog post for another day)
  3. Get free stuff to try, and review (hopefully, fingers crossed!)
  4. And most importantly, document my growth (aka success) – both in business with Sama + Kiki as a business woman extraordinaire and in my personal life, as Sarah a mumma, wife, friend.


Sarah x

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