Fill up your cup…

This week has been awesome, as I sit here at the hairdresser getting my much needed colour to cover my ever appearing ghastly greys, I decided to make hay while the sun shines, or in this case pours with rain and write my weekly blog post.
Both my kids are at Kids Club which I love! They both started at new ones this week, Kian at the next class up which is in another building in another location – slightly annoying, and Mali in ‘Little Learners’ for bubbas 3 months – 2 years.
I welcomed them both going with absolute relief. I am by no means ‘stay at home mum’ material, as much as I love them my sanity thanks kindy.
There is so much going on in my creative mind at the moment that I need the space to think and I can’t do that when every time I turn my back they are getting into mischief. Usually Kian trying to do something he knows he should or trying to ride his sister like a horse!
They have both fitted in so well, Kian has been dying to go since kindy finished just before Christmas, as we are boring him apparently. And Mali is really into hanging out with her new friends.
When I had Kian, I went back to work when he was 9 weeks old, my job was super demanding and my boss didn’t really understand the concept of work/life balance, so Kian stayed mainly with my mother in law & mum while I worked and we decided he could start kindy when he turned 1. He loved it and I never looked back because I was so used to leaving him to go to work it didn’t bother me.
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when Mali went to kindy I’ve had her with me the whole year of her life, she’s like my little PA, she attends Sama + Kiki meetings with my web guy, pattern maker, the bank, my personal training session and sadly she’s better than me at most of the exercises, you should see her plank! She comes literally everywhere I go – if she didn’t try to put everything she sees in her mouth I might’ve kept her on a bit longer … She fitted into Little Learners like a duck to water, both my babes are definitely extroverts. After dropping her the first time – no tears, quite happily making friends and painting, I felt a bit sad, but also super proud as she really is a confident little girl, she truly lives up to the saying, “though she be but little, she is fierce” – Shakespeare
I went to the car, closed the door and thought should I be crying … and I thought I feel good about this, happy even, finally time to myself.
I went to my local coffee shop, sat in the sun and enjoyed a cup of coffee, without a pram, or a child screaming trying to eat my food, and dropping toys on the floor and soaked up the atmosphere, alone – bliss! I always see those ‘mindful mum’ types talk about ‘filling up your own cup’ and now I know what that feels like, for the first time in 13 months, I could get used to this!
So mamas what are you going to do to ‘fill up your cup’ this week?

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