6 Plus Size Fashion Myths

6 Plus Size Fashion Myths

There are lots of fashion myths around what plus size women’s clothing should and shouldn’t look like but the fact is curvy gals can enjoy the same trends and styles as anyone else. The most important thing with fashion – plus size or not – is feeling comfortable in your own skin.

This is the basis of New Zealand plus size women’s clothing brand Sama + Kiki and this is why we think it’s time to put the following myths to rest:

1) Crop Tops are a Big No-No

Fun, flirty, stomach-revealing crop tops have made a comeback, which is fabulous news, unless you’re a plus size woman who has been told that this fashion statement is out of the question. So long as you are comfortable flashing some skin, there’s absolutely no reason why you should shy away from crop tops. And when designed with curvy women in mind, a crop top can be equal parts fashionable and flattering.

2) Leggings as Pants at Home Only

Ever feel envious of women flaunting leggings as pants – out of the house? Well if she can pull it off, so can you. Leggings are not pyjamas, they are meant to be worn outside of the house and a full figure is no reason to cover up in a dress or long shirt.

3) Activewear is Not Your Friend

Whether you’re donning activewear for a workout, a walk or just a jaunt to the local café, plus size activewear is totally your friend! It’s comfy, flattering and excellent for working up a sweat. And when you buy activewear from plus size women’s fashion label Sama + Kiki, you’ll enjoy activewear designed with curves in mind.

4) Stick to Dark Colours, They’re Slimming

Plus size fashion is not limited to black and girls with curves look just as great in bright, bold colours. Don’t hide your body behind ‘slimming’ clothing; celebrate your curves and find your own personal best colour, which is completely unrelated to weight. Our plus size women’s clothing is all about having fun with your wardrobe.

6) Vertical Stripes Only

It’s time to put this persistent myth to rest once and for all! Horizontal stripes do not make you look wider! Vertical, horizontal, diagonal – if you like stripes, go ahead and wear ‘em with pride.

7) Baggy is Better

We are so sad to see curvy women hiding behind fabric. Don’t shop a size or two up to hide your curves; embrace them in well-fitted clothes that work for your own individual body. Women look great and feel better in clothing that fits.

8) All Curvy Girls Follow the Same Rules

Fashion is all about finding your own particular style. It’s about what colour makes your eyes pop; what style makes you sparkle; and what clothing items you feel most comfortable in. Big or small, short or tall, no two women follow the same rules when it comes to fashion.

Head over to Sama + Kiki’s online shop to find plus size women’s clothing that works for you.

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