2017 – The Best Year Yet!

First blog for 2017. With the business in full swing, and doing all the work myself, my work/life balance has been a bit cray. I hadn’t done as many blog entries as I would’ve liked and I find writing quite therapeutic so my commitment to me (and you) is I want to write a blog at least once a week.
This week I wanted to lay a path for the year ahead. I have never been one for new year’s resolutions, well not any that I’ve stuck to, I’ve thought about it but never really committed to anything until 2016, which was my year. I lost a bit of weight, committed to eating well and exercising, started Sama + Kiki and got it up and running, spent more quality time with my family, and stopped watching mindless shows on TV (this was a big one!) and you know what …. everything feels pretty good. My head is in a fab space, and I think that’s half the battle.
So 2016 was pretty busy, and after a mini vacay at the beach I’m ready for a HUGE 2017!
* I want to embrace my body – she’s served me pretty well and I want to show my kids that it’s the only one you’ve got so respect & nurture it. For so many years I just survived, but thriving is so much better.
* We have a few short overseas trips planned this year with both the kids (wish me luck!) it’s so much harder to go travelling when you have kids – the cost/hassle, but I really feel I deserve this time away and I can’t wait!
* My husband and I have been toying with the idea of moving to get a better work/life balance, so watch this space.
* I want to grow Sama + Kiki into 2 brands – maternity and plus size fashion. This excites me greatly as it really does have so much potential, but it also scares the shit outta me.
* Look into new business ventures. Now that I’ve been bitten by the business bug, I’m looking into anything and everything, which is either really stupid or super smart, not sure which yet.
* Trying to live a minimalist life with kids. This seems so simple, yet easier said than done. After watching the Minimalism doco on Netflix (definitely worth a watch) it really opened my eyes to how much ‘stuff’ we think we need that serves little to no purpose. We did a small clean out last year and it made a huge difference in clearing you mind, de-cluttering your house really makes your life simpler. This I think will be a pretty hard task, but I’m committed. Kian is pretty keen on all his toys, because they’re all ‘special to me’ even the broken ones, so Mama might have to show just how much fun de-cluttering is first …. Kian definitely has my husbands’ hoarding tendency!
* And lastly, the 33 items wardrobe challenge. This follows on from living a more minimal lifestyle, you clean out your whole wardrobe and leave just 33 items including jewellery, underwear etc for 3 months and see how you go. I’m looking forward to this one the most – I do not wear anywhere near as many clothes as I have and the older I get the more I value quality over quantity. And I really enjoy gifting my old clothes to people who will actually use them.
So I think that gives me a pretty good challenge for 2017, so let’s get shit done!
Let me know what your goals/challenges are for 2017 – let’s band together and see how awesome we can make it!

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